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Whether your family or business needs handrails in an existing bathroom, consultation when renovating a kitchen to implement universal design concepts (which are helpful for all ages), or a more thorough renovation of a home or commercial building to suit new accessibility and barrier-free needs, we do that!

Toilet grab bars, handicap accessible shower, ADA bathroom

Universal Home Solutions provides specialized design and construction services focused on accessibility, universal design and aging-in-place. Our team brings expertise and compassion to each project, with licensed architects, builders and certified specialists available to help you, your family, and your business meet new or changing needs. We are particularly adept at working beautiful solutions into existing spaces while keeping costs down.

Wheelchair, accessible kitchen, universal design
handicap stair lift

Universal Home Solutions was created to meet the particular needs of ADA, UD and AiP projects in the Northern Rockies. This work requires specialized design, construction, coordination and project management skills that most contractors do not have. For example, our team understands how to manage and employ the complex public-benefits systems available for many ADA, UD and AiP projects while navigating across caregiver and case manager teams. We also understand how to meet ADA law and building code requirements to appropriately implement accessibility standards.


Simply put, Universal Home Solutions employs a three-step process on our design-build projects to ensure successful outcomes. First, we work with our clients (whether a patient, family and caregiver team or a business team) to learn individual needs and requirements. Next, our architects design solutions to meet those needs. Finally, we construct our designed solutions to ensure our clients get back to their lives sooner!

wheelchair accessible sink
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Our expertise, attention to detail and project management skills make the difference, but that doesn't mean they cost more! For design, construction, or both, we're here to help. The Universal Home Solutions team delivers superior projects at affordable prices, done right the first time!

For a FREE consultation call 406.381.8928 or email us using the form below

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Universal Home Solutions is a division of Montana Master Builders Ltd. Co., a licensed and insured Montana construction company

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